COST Action CA15207

Professionalization and Social Impact of European Political Science


The Action is intended to serve as a vehicle for the development of an in-depth, innovative assessment of the state of European Political Science, from both a professional and an applied perspective. Accordingly, the following goals ought to be pursued:

a) a reflection on the recent evolution (at least the past 20 years) of the academic subject of Political Science, through an extensive country-by-country analysis. 

b) a broad report on two specific aspects of the professionalization of the subject: the notion of mobility within and across national borders (through the adoption of different definitions and measurement approaches), and that of internationalization.

c) a broad analysis of the social impact of Political Science within policy-making processes at both national and supranational levels. Social impact will be assessed by focussing on 3 specific dimensions:

  • the social and media visibility of European political scientists (and thus, their impact on agenda setting);
  • their advisory role (at different stages of the policy process);
  • the perception of Political Science’s involvement in the public sphere, also through an analysis of the direct involvement of scholars as holders of political or institutional positions.


12 December 2019

WG Reports are out!

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5 September 2019

Working Group Meeting, Workshops/Conferences, The Hague, 19-20 September

New Babylon Conference Centre - Anna van Buerenplein 29, 2595 DA Den Haag, The Netherlands, Future Scenarios of the European [...]